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5 Fun Rainy Day Activities For Your Preschooler

There's not much worse than a rainy day when you've got little ones at home that are begging to go out. If your kids are anything like mine, they need to be able to get out of the house to burn off some energy or things can get a little crazy. But on those days when getting out simply isn't an option, it's important to have a back up plan. Today I'm sharing five fun indoor activities to entertain your preschooler on those gloomy rainy days.  Play-Doh Oh, Play Doh - what kid doesn't absolutely love playing with this stuff? Grayson...

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Diaper Bag Essentials For The First Time Mama

Even though it's only been about four years since I had my first son, it's a little difficult to remember what it was like before his arrival. I'm so in "mom-mode" 24/7 that I honestly can barely remember life as a non-mom. But one thing I do remember is panicking before our first few outings, positive that I would forget to put something super essential in his diaper bag.  It can be a lot of pressure to get out of the house with every single thing you might possibly need, no matter the circumstance that may happen to arise - I mean,...

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Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids On The Go

Healthy Living Snack Ideas

If the kids in your home are anything like the ones around here, they're requesting a snack about 75% of the day, every single day. We aren't super strict on the amount of snacks that we hand out - I assume growing boys that are constantly moving and grooving need lots of fuel, so I'm not too stingy with how much snacking they do. However, I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to healthy snacking options. Below I'll share a few of my favorite healthy snacks for the littles in your life.  Strawberries & Grapes My oldest...

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5 Basic Items Every Stylish Boy Needs In His Closet

Boys Clothing Closet Basics Haven Gray Kids Kids Style Style Tips

It can be a serious challenge to dress toddler and preschool age boys. The selection that you find at most stores consists of jeans that don't fit quite right, t-shirts displaying cartoon characters, and clunky shoes that are great for playing in the dirt - and maybe not much else. If you're a boy mama that wants your little man to look a bit more dapper than those items allow, it's time to start building a stylish wardrobe for your guy. Below you'll find the five basic items that will get you started!  Skinny Jeans I know, I know, a lot...

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Welcome to the Haven Gray Kids Blog!

Blog Blog Post Haven Gray Kids

Hi friends, and welcome to the Haven Gray Kids blog! If you're familiar with our shop, you know that here you will find a fun collection of clothing and accessories for the well-dressed little men in your life. Our goal with our new blog is to move beyond stylish wardrobes and provide inspiration and information to help your boys succeed and to help you thrive as a mama (or nana!)!  As a #boymom, I have always struggled to find cool, trendy clothing for my boys to wear. It's definitely hit or miss, and it doesn't quite seem fair in comparison to the...

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