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Welcome to the Haven Gray Kids Blog!

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Hi friends, and welcome to the Haven Gray Kids blog! If you're familiar with our shop, you know that here you will find a fun collection of clothing and accessories for the well-dressed little men in your life. Our goal with our new blog is to move beyond stylish wardrobes and provide inspiration and information to help your boys succeed and to help you thrive as a mama (or nana!)! 

The Haven Gray Kids Blog

As a #boymom, I have always struggled to find cool, trendy clothing for my boys to wear. It's definitely hit or miss, and it doesn't quite seem fair in comparison to the millions upon millions (slight exaggeration?) of options out there for little girls. So my solution was to create my own shop where I can share all of the fun things I find for my boys with other mamas facing the same issues. In addition to helping you build a fun collection of clothes for your boys, I hope to share all of the great information I've gathered in my motherhood journey. 
I hope you'll check back often for new items and new blog posts. I would love for you to join me on this little venture, because I have no idea where we will end up - but I'm pretty sure it'll be a good time! 

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