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5 Fun Rainy Day Activities For Your Preschooler

There's not much worse than a rainy day when you've got little ones at home that are begging to go out. If your kids are anything like mine, they need to be able to get out of the house to burn off some energy or things can get a little crazy. But on those days when getting out simply isn't an option, it's important to have a back up plan. Today I'm sharing five fun indoor activities to entertain your preschooler on those gloomy rainy days. 

5 Fun Rainy Day Activities For Your Preschooler | The Haven Gray Kids Blog

  • Play-Doh

Oh, Play Doh - what kid doesn't absolutely love playing with this stuff? Grayson will sit down for a crazy amount of time and create with all his different Play Doh tools and accessories. We have more Play Doh in this house than I think we will ever be able to use, but I know that without fail, if we're having a rough day or he's complaining about being "bored" I can break out the Play Doh and he will be happy as can be for quite some time. Rainy days equal copious amounts of boredom, so it's always good to have a stash on hand. 

  • Water Wow! Activity Books

I'm not totally sure where we first discovered these Melissa and Doug activity books, but man oh man am I glad that we did! I can fill these little pens up with water and Grayson will spend quite some time "coloring" in these little books. Daddy was so impressed by how much he loved them (and how long they would capture his attention) that he got on Amazon and ordered as many different types as he could find. They come in a variety of topics - animals, alphabet, vehicles, numbers, fairy tales - the list goes on. I definitely recommend trying them out, because they have certainly been a hit around here! 

  • Puzzles

Out of all of the toys that my boys have acquired over the years, their puzzles may be some of my very favorites. They have so much fun - even when they are teeny little guys - trying to figure them out, and it's so fun for all of us to celebrate when they get it right. As Grayson has gotten older we've moved on to more complex puzzles, and he absolutely loves them. His preschool teacher has even mentioned to me how good he is at puzzles, so I think there's something to starting them super young. For awhile my struggle was with wanting to keep them all organized, but I've learned it's best to just let that go. We've got all the loose pieces stored in a big pirate's chest storage box, and the boards that won't fit inside are stacked nearby. So when it's time for puzzles I know it's going to be a big mess with a million pieces everywhere, but it also buys me quite a bit of time that they are guaranteed to be entertained. 

  • Movies

Say what you will about screen time, but I think there is something so fun about everyone taking some time out to sit and watch a movie together. Gavin is too little to be in on this right now, but Grayson absolutely loves to curl up with his bucket of popcorn and his sippy of water and watch a good flick. There are so many cute movies out there for kids these days that it's not hard to find something to capture their attention - especially if you've got Netflix (#momlifesaver). 

  • Animal Figurines

I'm not sure if there's a "technical" term for these little plastic toys, but in this house there is literally nothing that even comes as close on the popularity scale as these little things. We started with horses a couple of years ago, and our collection has grown to include nearly every animal under the sun as interests have changed. Right now the most frequently fought-over are the dinosaurs (and we have maybe 20, so I'll never understand the fighting over a specific dinosaur, but I digress), we also have jungle animals, farm animals, more horses than we can count, and even a few sea creatures. Even Gavin can occupy quite a bit of his time setting them up around the house and roaring at them, and Grayson will literally spend an entire afternoon playing with them. It's fun to hear his little made up story lines come to life, and I know he's getting more out of it than watching "dinosaur fight videos" on YouTube. Again. 

When the next rainy day pops up on your forecast, I hope this list will help you to avoid the internal panic that I sometimes feel. As long as you're armed with a few good ideas to help guide them through their "boring" rainy day, you'll all survive quite nicely until bedtime. Or at least maybe you'll have to endure a few less tantrums than you normally would. Good luck, mama! 

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